writing challenge

Tales From Your Dark Side (Halloween Challenge)


Who has a dark side?

Let me rephrase the question….

Who has a dark side they would like to share?  

Let’s have some fun this October as we draw closer to Halloween.  Each Wednesday…let’s call it Wicked Wednesdays, I will post writings from your darkest corners…the shadowy places, hidden from sight.  Those dark and tawdry fantasies, musings, poems and stories that dwell below the murky waters of your deepest desires.

I dare you.

Those of you bold enough to answer this dare should message me at: tawdrytalesoftess@gmail.com

Please include the title of your piece, a picture you would like to include if desired, the name of your blog (a link would be great) and any other information you feel would be pertinent for the post.  I will post these on Wicked Wednesday’s with Tess, for all to read and enjoy.

There are four Wednesdays in this month.  Let’s tantalize each other.  Let’s shock each other.

Let’s let our demons come out to play together.


Don’t be shy, love.  Show me yours…I will show you mine.