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Triple Play Weekend, pt. 1

Spring 2014.

As the days began to heat up, so did my desire. The warmth of sun during the day and the longer evenings at night seemed to ignite my curiosity. I was experimenting with online dating and had found a few prospects to chat with here and there. One of them was a pharmaceutical sales rep, another was an IT professional and another was a psychiatrist. There were a barrage of others, but these three were the ones I spoke with most often.

The psychiatrist was odd. Quirky and moody. Chatty one minute and then suddenly quiet. He lived about 3 hours away, on Hilton Head Island.  He invited me to visit several times and although I was tempted because of the location, his mercurial personality kept me from making any definite plans. That seemed to irritate and intrigue him at the same time. The pharmaceutical rep was very upfront.  He wanted a long-term affair, as his marriage worked well from a home/kids stance, but there was no passion. He had a deep Southern accent and cussed like a sailor, dropping f-bombs like poetry. And the IT guy was an experienced kinkster. He and his ex-wife were into swinging with other couples. When they split he started a relationship with a much younger woman, who looked to him for everything. After a couple of years, they split. I could tell by the third conversation, he was a Daddy Dom. He liked rescuing the damsel in distress. He liked having control. I found him interesting.

And really…if I am being truthful, all I wanted from any of these guys was hot sex. No long-term relationships. Nothing serious. I just wanted some fun. So given that predicament, what’s a bad girl to do? Or let me rephrase that…WHO is a bad girl to do? It was a difficult decision, as I’d grown fond of all of them. Memorial Day weekend was upon me and I had invites to meet them all…who to pick?  Why choose? Meet all three…which is precisely what I did.

I took Friday off and the pharmaceutical rep, Mark, paid me a visit. He lived several hourse south of me and drove in early that morning.  I watched him as he pulled in my driveway.  He was hot as hell and could have been Mark Walhberg’s stunt double. DAAAYYYUMM, he was sexy.  Such swagger. Such confidence.  He arrived at my door, which I’d left ajar, and walked into my house to find me on my knees waiting for him.  He swaggered over to me with that boyish grin and said, “You are one sexy bitch. I am going to love fucking you.” And with that he dropped trou and parted my lips with his thick cock. He pushed the hair from my face and looked into my eyes as he fucked my throat. He took me by the hand and walked me over to the loveseat where bent me over and devoured my wet cunt. He held me open as he went about his work. I came unglued and that fueled his fire. He could talk dirty better than anyone I’d ever met and his filthy language brought me to a different place of arousal. He goaded me as he pushed his cock inside me. “Motherfuck that’s some good shit..such a sloppy wet pussy. So fucking tight around me. I wanna feel you squirt on my dick. Come on me and suck it off you dirty little slut.” And he went on from there, “Fuck that is so good. Motherfuck you are tight” Let’s just say that it was late afternoon before we both knew it.  I could barely stand upright as he had worked my body over. My hair was a matted mess and we looked at each other and laughed. “Damn, girl. You know how to fuck. I can’t wait to see you again.” We stayed in bed and talked for a bit before he was on his way. I watched him swagger into his car and let out a long sigh…He was just what I was craving.

A few minutes later my phone buzzed with a text. It was the shrink from Hilton Head. “Please come see me this weekend. We will have a good time, I promise.” And with that, I responded, “I will be there tomorrow.  Send me your address.” He was shocked! And immediately called me, “Are you serious? You are finally going to visit me?”

“Yes. Let me get a babysitter and I will be there tomorrow and tomorrow night.  I will need to go home early Sunday.” He seemed excited and then said, “there’s something I need to tell you.” And I thought…here it comes.  He’s married…or he’s not really a shrink…or he doesn’t actually live where he said he did..or better yet, he’s a serial killer. I braced myself for the news.

“I have a piercing on my…on my cock. I’ve had it for years and women love the feel of it. I didn’t want you to be surprised if things go there.”

Of course things were going there.  I was intrigued by the piercing. It was something I’d not experienced before. I was excited by the thought of how it would feel. My response was positive,”I can’t wait to experience what that feels like. I will see you tomorrow.”

So there it was…Mark Walhberg one day…the pierced shrink the next. It was going to be a good weekend…and this bad girl was just getting started.

(To be continued)


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The Good Girl’s Guide to Talking Dirty



Come on ladies, let’s dish about taking dirty….

In my younger days I found it challenging to talk dirty.  Although I was capable of doing some really naughty things, (you’ve seen this blog…I have been very naughty) explicit dialogue still made me blush.

Why is that?

I mean, I could be in the middle of fucking someone who had me pinned to the wall of his girlfriend’s dorm room, but uttering the words, “fuck me harder” escaped me.  I couldn’t say “bad things” like that.  The utterance of the word cock, dick or god-forbid, pussy, made me shudder with shame.  It’s almost as if I was a slutty prude.  I could screw with the best of them, but couldn’t talk the talk.  It was a real obstacle for me.

I was a proper and polite Southern woman,who just couldn’t narrate the porn scenes she was living.

It took a real Southern gentleman to help me bring out my inner voice.  And finally…finally…I was able to say it all. He cussed like a sailor, but always addressed me as “ma’am” and his charm helped to inspire me to learn the language.

So, what do you do if you don’t know how to talk dirty?

How do you begin?

For me, it was easiest to narrate the situation.  If he had me bent over the bed and was plowing me from behind, I may say something like…”You feel so good fucking me like this.”

As I began to learn my own slutty language, I would expound on it by saying, “You feel so fucking good.  I love how you fuck me from behind.”  (A bit more explicit and passionate.)

As I morphed into a dirty-talking whore, I would say something like, “Your cock feels so fucking good.  Fuck my wet pussy.  That’s your pussy, fill it up lover. Please don’t stop fucking me….”  (Porn star banter)

So to recap, in the beginning…just narrate the scene.  Make it your own.  Be natural.  Your first attempt may be something like, “I love how you take what’s yours…”  That’s still very compelling and sexy.  Remember, raunchy language is optional.  The most important thing is to be yourself.  But do try to be a more vocal, less proper version of yourself.

As you become comfortable with narrating…venture into requests/commands.  This is where the “fuck me harder, daddy” or “give me all that hard cock” type of phrasing comes in.  This type of dialogue is usually exchanged in the heat of passion…it may be right before an orgasm.  Let this come naturally to you.  Think of what you want…what you need to get you ‘there” and say it loud and proud.

Express yourself.  Tell your lover what feels good.  Tell them what you want.  Don’t mince words.  This is your chance.

One of my favorite ways to talk dirty is to surprise him by whispering little naughties in my lover’s ear…when we are in public.  I love to lean over to kiss him and then whisper something like, “my panties are soaked thinking about how badly I want to ride you tonight”  or my personal favorite, ” I wish I could drop to my knees right here.  I have a taste for your cock in my warm mouth.”  This type of verbiage will send him into oblivion.  I am guaranteed a fun night when I drop these hints.

Like most things, it’s all about the attitude.  Feeling confident allows you to find your voice.

Another way to introduce dirty dialogue is to engage in role play.  I adore role play.  There is something about going into “character” and channeling that personality that makes it very exciting.  I really enjoy playing a defiant school girl, who is a bit lippy to her teacher.  My banter is filthy in this scenario and believe me, I get more than detention.

Why not try it out?  Say something completely “un-lady-like” in his ear after dinner.  Or when he has your legs on his shoulders, describe how wet you are, or how hard he feels.  Tell him when you are about to cum.  Verbalize it.  Announce it.  Claim it.

Give him some lip service and see how he responds.  It’s likely you’ll be up late…and it’s even more likely you won’t be spending your time reading blogs.  I am sure he will have other plans for you.

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