The Purge

So in the last two weeks, I have written a total of 10 posts.

Most of these have been explicit tales of the decadent things I did in my youth.  Everyone has a past.  There’s no getting around that.  But my past is particularly colorful, to say the least.  And I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as I’ve cleaned out my closet.

But I have a confession to make….

I wrote this blog to purge.  To put it all out there to put it behind me, once and for all.  It’s been great to relive some of my wild times and equally as good to look back in disbelief that I did some of the things I did.  I was fearless in my quest and I am thankful that I emerged from my twisted path without visible scars…a more enlightened individual.

And this individual is now part of a couple.  She is part of something wonderful, something real and something life-changing.  And this blog as it is now, does not honor the man in her life.  Her Master.  Her One.

So I am leaving the past where it belongs…behind me.  It was a fun ride, but like most roller coasters, the ride is over when its over.  And that part of my life has been over for 20 years.

I am shifting the premise of this blog to the present.  Taking down the dirty little stories of yesteryear.  Replacing them with new categories.  After all, I have a vast amount of sexual experience under my belt….why not put that to good use?  I am sure many of you readers have advice to share.  Let’s make this a forum to share questions, answers and advice.  Staying positive.  Helping each other. Paying it forward.

Time for a change.

Moving forward…