The Good “Bad” Girl

The bad good girl

I think this percentage is off a bit.  In fact, by my stories on here, one would think it would be the other way around.  But in reality, I am really a good girl.

Just a good girl, who occasionally does bad things.

Here’s an example of the good:  I will help the old woman in the grocery store reach something on a shelf that’s too high for her.  (Not that I am tall, but I’m always in heels.) And I will donate to any charity that asks.  I’ve served the homeless in soup kitchens and bought food for the elderly.  I take in any stray animal who darkens my door.  I love babies and children and will move mountains to help a child in need.  And on occasion, I will pay for the person’s order behind me in line at Starbucks.  

And on occasion, I will leave that person a note.  Especially if it’s a hot single dad in line behind me.  Something like, “I’ve enjoyed looking over my shoulder to see you behind me in line, bet it would be even more fun seeing you like that from the side of my bed.  Enjoy your coffee.  Call me when you’re thirsty for “more”. I will save you a place in line.

JUST KIDDING!  I haven’t really done that (yet).  But I have had a few trysts with those single dads in the car line at Rocky Ridge Elementary school.  And then there was that gym teacher.  I loved to hear him blow his whistle.

Guess it was my special way of joining the PTO…like the good girl I am.


(Image credits, Pinterest)