My First Three-Way

Ah…my first three-way. It happened when I was on vacation.  You know, they don’t make a postcard that says, “Wish You Were Here for the 3-Way” or “Greetings from the Menage a Trois” do they?  I remember like it was yesterday, although it’s been a while.

It was the summer of 1989, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

I traveled there with my gay cousin who was a few years older than me. He gave the outward appearance of being responsible and trustworthy. My parents, his aunt and uncle, trusted him inherently…which meant I was allowed to travel with him…at 16 years old. It was the summer before my senior year. As we’ve established, I had quite a bit of experience under my belt at this point (no pun intended).  Our plan was to live it up for the weekend, although our families thought we were on a mission to shop at the outlets and tan on the beach.  I don’t know if we ever even made it to the beach itself.  But we did some serious shopping.

We arrived in the early afternoon.  The first line of business was to make sure my fake ID was believable.  My cousin, Joe, had a friend (Carl) who worked the door at several nightclubs at the beach.  Carl looked at it and said it passed the test.  Next on the agenda was finding something appropriate for me to wear.  We were venturing out to a few gay clubs and I needed to ditch the virtuous ensemble I’d packed as part of the farce, for something a bit more outrageous.  We went to a local shop and I found a black halter that highlighted my large, tan, perky breasts.  It was very sexy and it was perfect with the cutoff jeans I’d brought.  We had dinner and hit the first club around 10:00.  The music was great, but the club was dead.  So we left.  The next club had a drag show for the evening and there wouldn’t be any dancing until after 1:00 am.  So we went to yet another club….and just like in the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears…

This one, was JUST RIGHT.

It was full of beautiful men.  Men of all ages.  All races.  All backgrounds.  And I assumed that they were all gay. Within minutes of arriving, I felt someone caress my bare back and I turned around to find a gorgeous Latin man. He was a great dancer and we had instant chemistry.  But…he was there with his lover and I could tell he was not pleased with our connection.  Javier said he was bisexual, but his boyfriend was the jealous type, so we parted ways a few dances into the evening.  The music in the club was great, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  I asked my cousin to take me back to the hotel.  I knew he was far from being finished with the evening and I didn’t want my lack of interest to ruin his good time.  He was more than eager to take me back because he wanted to change clothes.

Our hotel was right in the middle of “the strip” which is the main road in Myrtle Beach.  It is party central on most nights.  Our room faced the street below and I had a perfect box seat to watch the festivities below.  Before my cousin left to head back out, he handed me a bottle of Bacardi and said….”Help yourself, doll.  Just save me some.”  I decided to try it and I made myself a rum and coke and ventured out the balcony.

The sites below were like being on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras.  It was Girls Gone Wild…Guys Gone Wild…flashy cars…flashy clothes…loud music and lots of partying.  I was entertained by my view from the top and I sat there for a bit enjoying the buzz around me.

“Hey there, ma’am.  What are you doing by yourself on a Friday night?”  he yelled.  I didn’t pay him any attention, because I didn’t know he was talking to me.  He yelled again, “You in the black shirt…you okay up there?”  I then realized he was talking to me.

I leaned over the rail and said, “Yes!  I am fine.  Just enjoying the view from up here.”  I didn’t realize that my breasts were on full display as I leaned over the balcony.  But he did.

“You have an extra chair up there for me?” he asked.  And being the foolish, adventurous teen I was….I said, “Of course I do.  You coming?”

We met in the lobby.  His name was Chris.  He was a cadet at the Citadel.  He was tall, muscular and a bit cocky.  I hand’t noticed, but he was with a friend, who was very quiet and reserved.  Not bad looking, just a bit shy.  And I know how dangerous this is…but I invited them up.  After all…they were from the Citadel and that was an elite school.  They couldn’t be that dangerous.

We arrived in the room and went to the balcony.  We sat out there, drank rum, told stories and enjoyed each other’s company. His friend, Rick, began to loosen up a bit and we all had a great time.  They left to get another bottle of Bacardi as we plowed through the first one.

When they came back, Chris recommended we play a drinking game.  I was all for it, but the only game I knew of (remember, I was only 16) was Quarters.  Chris had another plan.

“I have another game in mind.  It’s like Quarters, but it’s called…’Drink, Drink, Fuck.”  I knew exactly where he was going.

And I immediately went into beast mode.  

I smiled shyly and then stared him in the eye and said, “Drink, Drink, Fuck, huh?  Come now, Chris.  Let’s just skip the drinking.”

And it was on.

Chris stood me up and began kissing me, while his (now not so shy) friend, Rick, stood behind me.  Chris unbuttoned my jeans while Rick took off my shirt.  I wasn’t wearing  a bra and they both tended to my ample breasts.  I had Chris first.  I could tell he was experienced.  He flipped me over on my stomach and he fucked me from behind.  Rick watched us for a while and I asked him to come sit in front of me.  I sucked his cock while Chris continued to fuck me.  Chris lasted a long time and I could tell Rick was about to come, so I stopped sucking him and let Chris finish.  The entire scene was so hot.  When he finished I told him to wash himself and come back to me.  Even back then, I disliked the taste of latex.  While he was in the bathroom, I mounted Rick and began grinding on his hard dick.  I was so into the scene that I was on auto pilot. Chris returned and I turned myself into reverse cowgirl so I could face Chris’ cock.  I rode and sucked them until we all came in an absolute frenzy.  It was amazing.

Afterwards, Rick and I lay there while Chris went back out on the balcony for another drink.  Rick got up to join him and I said, “Send Chris back in here.  I want more of him.”

The rest of the evening is a bit of a blur.  I do remember that we fucked for what seemed forever.  Rick sat in the chair watching us while he stroked his cock.  It was such a insanely hot exchange.

Just before dawn…the second bottle of Bacardi was gone.  We had almost used an entire box of condoms and I was spent.  And despite the night’s activities, both of these naughty soldiers were still gentlemen.  They got me some juice from the lobby, helped me put on my pink satin gown and tucked me in the bed.  They left as the first light began to shine on the balcony.

So ladies and gents… that was my first three-way.

Two guys.  One girl.  Two bottles of rum.  A box of condoms.