Whispering Tess

Would you like to hear something really tawdry?

Lean in a bit more. That’s it. 

Can you hear me? Good.

I’ve always been on a quest. A quest for carnal knowledge. Seeking out debauchery in all of its most delicious forms.

A few weeks ago I started a new journey. You are likely thinking I’ve found some new dish to dish about. And that’s true in a way. I’ve actually found a veritable smorgasbord of sex and kinkery.

In the world of phone sex. 

Yes, Lover. By day I am corporate America…by night, I am a phone sex operator.

I have discovered a fascinating netherworld that exists below the surface. I’ve learned the secrets of countless callers. I’ve helped my fans carry out feats of depravity they only dreamed of.

We’ve gone there together.  

There is such sweet satisfaction in hearing my caller release those inner demons. Pouring himself out, into my wanton soul. I greedily drink him in.

If you’re curious.

If you’re hungry.

If you’d like to share your darkest fantasies with a woman who takes you by the hand and jumps down the rabbit hole with you…message me at:


I will set up a private connection for us to discuss those thoughts of yours.