Where does the moth fly

Without her flame?

Where is pleasure

Without the pain?

Do we know true freedom 

Without the restraint? 

Can you paint your picture

Without the paint?

Does true love exist 

Only for one?

Or is one your moon? 

And one your sun? 

(Photo credit, Pinterest)


  1. A thought provoking peace of writing, my dear. Not sure if I follow the ending questions though. Are you saying all 3 are the same, true love, moon and sun. Or, that they are separate, one is the moon and the other the sun?

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    1. Iโ€™m saying both of those. If lucky…One person can give you everything, true love, light and dark.
      Sometimes there is not that option. One is the sun. One the moon. Both loved for the kind of light they shine.


  2. Hey there love! Just stopped by to say that I miss you. Happy Thanksgiving. I have no doubt that you are meditating over all of your blessings. Stay encouraged and know that you’re always in my thoughts! Hugs and Kisses ๐Ÿ’ž Gwin

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