Their cup is full

It overflows

It’s rich and warm

She sips it slow

It’s a taste

She’s tried before

Now it’s sweeter

She longs for more

He fills her cup

Until it overflows

With depth and love

Their passion grows

She drinks him in

He sips her slow

So warm and rich

They overflow

couple coffee


      1. I couldn’t agree more, my dear. And, you’re welcome. I love your poetry, when it strikes you. You have a wonderful way with words.

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      1. I’ll put it this way…
        You are a man of science. (And a brilliant one I would like to add) Everything is energy, right? And like attracts like? So I’ll say that the universe is working in my favor. In the flesh and on a much more abstract level. If that makes any sense?


      2. I see what you’re saying and I get that.
        It’s kind of you to think so highly of me, I feel honoured. My view of myself is that while I’m a man of science, I can also embrace spirituality and some kind of X that I currently define as the universe. So I get what you’re saying Tessa.

        Something else you days, like things attract. Surely opposites attract 😉

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