Dried Flowers

You churned the dirt

And planted the seed

From within

You saw her need

Hidden well

Far below

She longed for air

She longed to grow

At first the garden tended well

No worms, no weeds

No petals fell

She sprouted forth

So alive

Blossoms opened

And she thrived

But after time

It all passed

For without air

She’d not last

No food to nourish

Or sun to shine

Planted in a bed

Wasting time

The stem it droops

Her petals dried

The blossoms fall

The flower dies

It’s too late now

To sow the seed

To water, to nourish

To kill the weed

And looking back

Who’s to blame?

The sun, the earth?

Or the lack of rain?


  1. OMG! This is beautiful, haunting, and quite telling. One can’t help wondering more about this lovely flower that was left to die.
    Absolutely touching!
    I think that every woman has felt like this starving flower at some point in time.
    “Who’s to blame?” a very deep question with an even deeper answer 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Gwin. Your words mean a lot to me, friend.
      I don’t write poetry much, but every so often the words come to me.
      Who’s to blame? Many times the flower takes the blame. And why? I love the quote that says…”when the flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment it which it grows, not the flower”
      So true! Sometimes the flower is simply planted in the wrong garden.

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      1. Abso-damn-lutely! “THE WRONG GARDEN!!!”
        Someone thought it a good idea to plant our dear flower in a climate that does not suit it!
        I thoroughly enjoyed this one Tessa! You really should write more poetry—you are very gifted!

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      2. Awe thank you! I try to write it down when it bubbles up.
        I am so glad you liked it.
        The good news about gardens…sometimes a kind (and handsome) neighbor will lend a hand, tending to the weeds and watering those dying flowers.
        Funny…it brings them right back to life, in the bed they are still planted in. LOL

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      3. Chile, thanks for that heads up! No worries tho because I wasn’t bout to go look for that.
        Baby, that ship has sailed! LOL!!!
        BTW, I literally cannot watch violent movies; they make me ill.

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      1. You two guys are a magnificent accident waiting to happen……I wonder what a collaboration between the two of you would look like?
        Never mind me…I’m just daydreaming! LOL!
        But I do wonder 🙂

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  2. This was fantastic, Tess. Maybe not the topic, but, in how fluidly it flowed when read. A couple of times now, I have written pieces either comparing a woman to a flower, or love. How it is important to tend to that garden daily, or else it will wilt away and die. (Not literally of course) I know you dont write poetry much, but when it strikes…my dear…it is beautiful.

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    1. AC,
      Thank you for the kind comments. I’ve had this piece mulling around in my head for a while…it needed to come out.
      And not everyone will put the time info maintaining their garden. My thought is…Why plant the flower if it will be left to wilt and die?
      I truly appreciate your kind words. It means a lot coming from someone who writes such beautiful poetry.❤️


      1. As always, you pose a question that makes me think…”Why plant the flower if it will be left to wilt and die?”

        Again, it brings to mind something I wrote a long time ago about relationships and friendships. It wasnt a poem or a story, it was a conscious stream of thoughts. I talked about how you have to work at them and tend the garden daily in order to make them grow. But, I don’t want to hijack your comment section, lol. So, I will think a bit more and maybe share my thoughts separately. Maybe in my own post?

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