Between the Sheets

Hello, Everyone. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I apologize for the long hiatus. I have no specific reason for my absence. I didn’t join a cult or a convent. Nor did I run for president of the PTO. I didn’t jet off to a hedonistic self-help retreat. No, I have been here the entire time, lurking in the shadows…content to lie between the sheets of this bed I’ve made for myself. ย Just lying here, reveling in the endless sticky memories of lovers and scenes.

Now it’s time for me to roll over and stretch. It’s time for me to pull back the covers and invite you back into my warm bed of decadence. A place where things get quite tawdry.

I think it’s time for a bedtime story, don’t you?

back in bed-rev

Stay tuned, there is much more to come.





  1. Jesus take the wheel! Tessa Girl….I been waiting for you to come back and grace us with one of your tawdry tales. I just happened to be checking e-mails when I got the alert that Tessa had a tale to tell! I sure miss you and I am sooooooooo happy that you have decided to come up for some air! Lucky for us…but for your lover…eh…not so much! LOL!!!!
    Love ya!

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    1. You always bring a SMILE to my face, Lady G! I miss you too and cannot wait to catch up on some reading. (Also, I have had an epiphany regarding your spirit guide, George…I will message that directly)
      Yes, my friend…it was time to come up for air and peel myself away to share some tales. Lots to tell!
      Love ya too!

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      1. AWWWWWW! I soooo look forward to that! I know how gifted you are. I have not been active on Twitter for quite some time now because I just couldn’t take all of the political nonsense on there. In fact, I’ve only recently started back blogging on a consistent basis. I just needed to totally unplugged. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve logged on Twitter since early July. But for you and George…anything! LOL!!!

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      2. I have not been on Twitter either, my friend. How about a good old-fashioned email?
        And I get the unplugging! I needed to do it too. Of course, I couldn’t get out of the bed long enough to type anything. LOL!
        I will shoot you a message now. George says I should ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Apply the scarlett red lipstick, slowly pull on the thigh highs, zip up the little black dress, slide into those heels and escape the usual day to day routine….you deserve it! And so do we! Cannot wait to read all about it ๐Ÿธ๐Ÿ’‹

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