The Tower

My former lover, Lee, contacted me a few days ago.  We stay in contact, although we’ve managed to morph into a strictly platonic friendship.  We have been close since we were kids.  It’s a complex relationship.  He was with me at the hospital the day my mother died and he was there with me, a few months ago, when my father died.  We’ve been together in many forms over the years.  I’ve often wondered what would happen if we just tried going all in…you know, as a committed, monogamous couple.

And I realize that it would never work for us.  When we are lovers, it’s the thrill of being caught that fuels our fire.  If neither of us are already in a relationship, the intrigue isn’t there.  But put us together when we are not supposed to be…and you have a towering inferno of heat.  Which brings me to my saucy little story….

Lee messaged me late Thursday afternoon, “I was just at the tower.  Made me think of you.”  I was surprised by the message and said, “Oh yeah?  Which one?”

He responded, “At Exit 11”

Immediately, I was transformed by the mention of that location.  After the “Very Close Call” we had at my house, we opted to meet in neutral locations.  Lee works in the communications industry and would occasionally have to go to a radio tower site to ensure everything was running properly.  He had this wicked idea for us to meet there for a tryst.  And we frequented several around town.

If you’ve ever visited a radio tower, you know that it’s a spartan building with lots of controls and wires.  The floor is usually concrete.  Lee would have to open a padlocked gate and then a padlocked door for us to gain entry.  But it was secluded and it was just what we needed for an afternoon delight.  As long as there was a wall for me to brace myself against, Lee would navigate the rest.

We began a routine of meeting for a quick lunch and then taking a ride to a tower site.  Sometimes our appetites were so ravenous that we would meet two or three times a week.  I loved fucking Lee.  It was always more than sex with him.  We have a deep connection that makes our physical chemistry even hotter.  I loved how he bent me over while I held onto the ledge on the wall.  He would hit every perfect angle as he slammed himself into me.  I could never get enough of him.

One afternoon was particularly steamy.  We were at the tower site off of Exit 11.  We had both already gotten ours once, but we were not sated.  I wanted more of him.  He wanted more of me.  He propped my leg on a control board as he pushed himself inside me.  He rubbed my clit as he slowly and deeply sank into my hole.  It was all I could do to keep my balance.  The pleasure so much that I couldn’t contain it.  I moaned and screamed with each movement. He was turned on by my display and his rhythm became more powerful and intense.  He kept making me come over and over and eventually we collapsed together in a heap on the floor.  He was still inside me and I rode his cock, my bare knees against the concrete floor.  I didn’t care.  I was possessed with lust.

Just after he unloaded inside me, I saw the door begin to open, as the sunlight forced its way into the dark corner of the room.  “Lee?  Are you still here?” a voice called.

And I thought…can we catch a freaking break? How many times have we been walked in on, in our 25 years together?  One of his co-workers had arrived to check a setting on one of the control boards.  Ironically the one I’d been propped up on.  I quickly composed myself and Lee immediately went into work mode.  He introduced me as the IT/Communications Director of a local hospital, who was curious to see how things worked on this end of the business.

His co-worker, Ray, took one look at my sweaty appearance and knew exactly what side of the “business” I was working.  He shook Lee’s hand, nodded at me and made his way out of the building.  We got ourselves together and smiled.  The same smile we’ve shared on so many occasions before.  The “we got away with it again” smile.

Lee and I walked outside and he secured the padlock on the building.  He grinned and said, “What are you doing for lunch tomorrow?”

I smiled back at him and coyly said, “You”


(Photo credit, Pinterest)


    1. Lady G,

      Thank you for the happiness tag, my friend! I was delayed in my response…I have been working on some “material” for another tasty tale.
      Seeing this made me smile! You spread joy wherever you are!


  1. So I read this a couple of days ago while I was doing my happiness tag post. At that time, all I had time to do was ‘like’ it but now I got some time to comment!

    Ok, first of all, I ain’t gonna lie, I started going back in my head trying to recall every “Lee” I’ve ever known that might fit your Lee but then it occurred to me: You dummy, she said she changed names to protect the innocent! LOL!
    So much for that!
    Anyway, I really had to laugh when Lee introduced you the way that he did! LOL! Anybody with eyes could have seen the truth about your ‘position.’ LOL!
    So, off the topic a bit, I used to be afraid of radio towers when I was a kid. We used to pass the one for WBBQ when I was a tot and it would freak me out; standing there in that wooded dark of night with those red flashing lights. Anyway, my Dad neutralized my fear by drawing a picture of a radio tower with Cookie Monster hugging it! Fear gone! He probably doesn’t remember that but I do.

    Anyway, Tessa girl, I’m ready for another post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lady G,
      So..I have “visited” the tower in which you speak of…and many others in and around my vicinity. LOL. And I am glad your sweet Daddy helped you over your fear. They are scary looking at night. I have never ventured inside one at night, my dirty work was usually performed during business hours. LOL.
      So..Lee. Ahh, Lee. I am seriously thinking about making some bad decisions. We’ve been in contact more lately and quite honestly, I could use some more “material” for the blog. For “art’s sake” you know? He can push my buttons from a hundred miles away. I think we all have one like that…and what’s a bad girl to do?
      In the meantime, I am writing something quite tawdry I think you will like, my friend!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Girl that’s funny. I just finished posting “My Jams ’94.” I missed you from ’93. Be sure and get to this party! I think you’ll love it.
        And now…
        I haven’t checked yet but have you posted the new material? I’ll check after I finish responding to a couple of comments.
        And Lee…
        Girl do what you gotta do, just be smart about it. And yes, we need Lee if that means you’ll write more! LOL!!!
        I hope to see you around for the party!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Lady G! I will be joining the party directly…and I plan to take trip back in time to catch up on ’93. Don’t know how I missed that! Guess I was a little distracted by the old flame burning around me. LOL!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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