Badass Women


badass chick

I love a Badass.  Badass men.  Badass singers.  Badass actors.  Badass entrepreneurs who handle their business.

But I especially LOVE a Badass woman.  I respect them.  I admire them.  I often have a slight “girl crush” on them.  They play by their own rules and they get shit done. Since there’s not a designated Hallmark holiday celebrating these extraordinary beings, I am claiming today as BADASS Chicks Day. Here are a few in my tribe, fellow bloggers, that I would like to share.

Lennon Carlyle is about as Badass as they come.  I’ve known this Beauty for longer than Jennifer Lawrence has even been on this earth.  Lennon is fiercely independent and unabashedly confident.  She never compromises her standards for anyone.  And she kicks serious ass working in a male-dominated industry.  She can party like it’s the last day on the planet and show up the next day, ALL BUSINESS. Lennon is a fast driver, smooth talker and plain and simple, she has good hair.  Always has (lucky bitch!).  She writes a hysterically REAL blog that you should check out..

There is the Cougar of the group.  She’s a real Badass.  Both a nurse and an attorney, this bitch gets shit done.  She is single by choice and has her pick of the litter any time she wants a boy-toy in her life.  She’s packing heat and can hold her own with anyone.  She is the leader of the #BGM, and you can find a few of her stories on Bad Girls Mafia.  She hasn’t written on there in a while…she’s too busy handling her boy-toys.  But her stories are great and I hope she gets back to posting soon!

There is the Poet Laureate of the Badasses.  She will lure you in with interesting stories and heartfelt poems.  You will think you know what she’s all about…then out of nowhere, this Badass Chick will throw some steamy erotica on the page and you’ll have to look back and make sure you’re reading the right blog.  I’m talking about the lovely, Sandra, from “What Sandra Thinks”  This chick has some serious writing chops.  I love her take on things.  And I love her dirty little tales. You will love her too, check her out at

This next Badass is the music-loving, quick-witted, lovely Lady G.  I just found her blog (compliments of my girl, Lennon Carlyle) and I feel like I’ve known this chick for years!  In one post, she took me on a First-Class, Non-Stop flight down Memory Lane, taking me to a place I’d almost forgotten.  And I am so glad she did, because I did some seriously scandalous shit back then that I need to share with you on here.  Lady G is the cool-as-hell neighbor we all wish we lived next door, because she would always be ready to pour the tea. Check her out at

So go forth and celebrate the Badass women in your life. And if you want to become a Badass yourself, here are a few tips:

Take no shit, but do no harm

Handle your business

Keep your standards (and your heels) high

Don’t pay attention to the trolls talking behind your back, they are BEHIND you for a reason

If you fall on the runway of life, pick yourself up and adjust your crown, you’ve got a job to do…and you better work, bitch.

Surround yourself with strong and confident women.

Oops…almost forgot…Never act or reveal your age.

choose badass

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  1. And that ladies and gents is how it’s done. Tess winks, blows a kiss, slings her hair back and drops the mic. Yas! That’s bad ass and I celebrate you My Little Pretty! Oh how I love you and this post! Thanks for being you and recognizing Badass Women! Smooches!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Awww man! I can’t believe I made this badass chick’s Badass Chicks List! I feel so honored! And yes, I feel like I’ve known you forever.
    Anybody that is down with Lennon Carlyle has got to be on point!
    Ah and it feels so good to know that I helped you to dig into those past pots of gold. Can’t WAIT to see what you find!!! Do tell!!!!
    Thank you soooooooo much for this sweet Tessa!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I gasped when I saw myself here! I am honored to be included in this list. And I’m beyond flattered by the wonderful things you said about me. Oh, hell, by you thinking of me at all! I may weep. 🙂 I feel like I won an Oscar or something. (I know, I’m crazy.) I just adore you and love reading your stories. Thank you… ♥

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I wrote my very first sex scene in the short story I posted yesterday. I was super nervous about posting it because I’m usually more into murder and mayhem when I write. Tell me what you think and keep cranking out these awesome stories; it gives me something to indulge in. Lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you. There are so many tales to tell. I’ve been a very busy girl!
        I will definitely check out your post! Writing sex for the first time can be as awkard as having sex the first time. But the more you do it…the easier it gets❤️

        Liked by 1 person

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