Month: June 2016


Today is just one of those days…

Nothing spectacular happened.  Nothing horrible happened.  Work is work.  It was filled with a nice blend of meaningless drama and monotony.  The most exciting part of the day was when someone’s popcorn caught fire in the microwave.  But that was fleeting…however, the smell lingered.

Today, I swam in the quagmire…treading water in a bottomless pool of menial tasks and my thoughts drifted to a very dark, very decadent place.  All I could think about was hot, dirty, rough, consuming sex.  The kind of sex where you feel it in your bones the next day…with every step.

I want it.  I need it.  I need my One to fuck me senseless.  I need to be taken.  Have him use my body for his pleasure.  I want to cum so much that out sheets are saturated.  I want to be so parched from the intensity that I can barely swallow and the only thing to quench my thirst is his sweet seed.  And after he fills my void, he will kiss me on the forehead and tell me I am his “good girl.”

I am such a naughty girl to crave such lust, but I can’t help it. My desire is overwhelming. I will kneel before him and beg for it. I will look up to him from my place below with wanton eyes.  And if I am lucky…he will give it to me.

And then I will write about every delicious detail, so I can relive it and share it with you.


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