The Good Girl’s Guide to Hot Sex

Regardless of what you are in to.

Regardless of your kinks.

Regardless if you are a straight-laced woman, or a once a week…missionary-only man, we all love sex.

And I especially love sex, the hotter…the dirtier…the better.

In the “Good Girl’s Guide” series, I often discuss the need to ask for what you want.  To not be afraid, ashamed, or intimidated by your desires.  To figure out what makes you tick.  To learn how to verbalize your wants.

And let me just say…in some cases, talk is overrated.  Sometimes it is best to demonstrate what you want, or just simply take it.  Take the initiative.  Allow your primal instincts…your inner beast to take you over and fuck the living hell out of your prey.

If I want to get laid in a big way, I start dropping hints early.  In fact, I may start his morning with a wake-up blow job.  Flipping his switch to ON from the beginning.  He will be preoccupied all day, thinking of how far you took him down your throat.

I send naughty texts and pics to make sure he stays ON.  Most of us do this from time to time, but the captions I include ensure a wild romp in the hay.  “My pussy is throbbing thinking of you fucking me.  Have a nice day, baby.”  That always gets my One going.

I think of how I want the evening to go.  I tap into deep and dark fantasies.  I allow myself to become aroused.  I embrace the fact that my panties are moist and if they become too wet, I take them off midday.  I ready myself for what I want.

When we are finally in each other’s presence…we are so charged from the day’s interactions, that we could fuck at the front door.  But to coax out the beast, I play coy.  I fix dinner.  I tidy up the house.  I hold him off for just a minute longer. (Which I must confess…is extremely difficult for me.)  Trust me, it is worth it.

There are no words to describe this level of unbridled passion, so I am not going to insult you  by trying to do so.  I find myself doing things I would not typically do.  Any inhibitions that lurk in the back of my head are gone. Clothes get ripped off.  Sometimes to tease the beast, I slide my fingers into my wet hole and smear my essence on his lips and kiss him voraciously.  I am blinded by carnal lust and would do ANYTHING at that moment, as would he.  We are consumed with the beasts within, seeking pleasure at all costs.


It is primal.  It is molten hot.  And it’s deliciously dirty.  In the end, the sheets are soaked. As orally gifted as I am, I somehow end up with cum in my hair.  I’ve straddled his mouth so much that his face looks like a glazed doughnut.  And we both have a sated smile…a deep satisfaction that only hot, dirty, lustful sex brings.

I suggest you try it sometime.  Make it impromptu or let it build up for a couple of days.  Just leave your inhibitions and panties on the floor and get down and dirty.  Fuck him like you are getting paid for it and you are up for a promotion.  I guarantee you will get a raise.

Now if you will excuse me…I have some panties to ditch and a job to do.





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