All Work and No Play

This makes me want to be a BGM member! And I would like to work where she works…

Bad Girl's Mafia

We don’t need Jack Nicholson’s crazy ass to remind us that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”  Monotony is unhealthy for all of us…Jacks, Janes, and everyone else in the daily grind.  Work is work and that’s that.  We have to do it.  It’s a matter of survival for most of us.

But how about breaking up the drudgery with a little play at work?

I am not advocating that you should go screw your boss.  Nor am I saying that you should be a homewrecker by shagging the new guy in shipping…you know, the one with the great package.  But I am saying…why not have some fun on the J-O-B?  Is there anyone there worth a second look?  Anyone who intrigues you?

I am on the brink of making a decision…and whether it’s good or bad is relative to the vantage point.  I will admit…

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