Month: April 2016

The Good Girl’s Guide to Hot Sex

Regardless of what you are in to.

Regardless of your kinks.

Regardless if you are a straight-laced woman, or a once a week…missionary-only man, we all love sex.

And I especially love sex, the hotter…the dirtier…the better.

In the “Good Girl’s Guide” series, I often discuss the need to ask for what you want.  To not be afraid, ashamed, or intimidated by your desires.  To figure out what makes you tick.  To learn how to verbalize your wants.

And let me just say…in some cases, talk is overrated.  Sometimes it is best to demonstrate what you want, or just simply take it.  Take the initiative.  Allow your primal instincts…your inner beast to take you over and fuck the living hell out of your prey.

If I want to get laid in a big way, I start dropping hints early.  In fact, I may start his morning with a wake-up blow job.  Flipping his switch to ON from the beginning.  He will be preoccupied all day, thinking of how far you took him down your throat.

I send naughty texts and pics to make sure he stays ON.  Most of us do this from time to time, but the captions I include ensure a wild romp in the hay.  “My pussy is throbbing thinking of you fucking me.  Have a nice day, baby.”  That always gets my One going.

I think of how I want the evening to go.  I tap into deep and dark fantasies.  I allow myself to become aroused.  I embrace the fact that my panties are moist and if they become too wet, I take them off midday.  I ready myself for what I want.

When we are finally in each other’s presence…we are so charged from the day’s interactions, that we could fuck at the front door.  But to coax out the beast, I play coy.  I fix dinner.  I tidy up the house.  I hold him off for just a minute longer. (Which I must confess…is extremely difficult for me.)  Trust me, it is worth it.

There are no words to describe this level of unbridled passion, so I am not going to insult you  by trying to do so.  I find myself doing things I would not typically do.  Any inhibitions that lurk in the back of my head are gone. Clothes get ripped off.  Sometimes to tease the beast, I slide my fingers into my wet hole and smear my essence on his lips and kiss him voraciously.  I am blinded by carnal lust and would do ANYTHING at that moment, as would he.  We are consumed with the beasts within, seeking pleasure at all costs.


It is primal.  It is molten hot.  And it’s deliciously dirty.  In the end, the sheets are soaked. As orally gifted as I am, I somehow end up with cum in my hair.  I’ve straddled his mouth so much that his face looks like a glazed doughnut.  And we both have a sated smile…a deep satisfaction that only hot, dirty, lustful sex brings.

I suggest you try it sometime.  Make it impromptu or let it build up for a couple of days.  Just leave your inhibitions and panties on the floor and get down and dirty.  Fuck him like you are getting paid for it and you are up for a promotion.  I guarantee you will get a raise.

Now if you will excuse me…I have some panties to ditch and a job to do.





Greetings, Readers!  I have been in a contemplative mood lately.  Taking inventory of my quite tawdry life. Thinking back to some of the escapades I’ve written about and plotting my next posts, of the things (people) I did (and have yet to do for that matter), and some I’ve not shared with you.  I worried when I began this blog, that I wouldn’t have enough material in my kaleidoscope of memoirs to keep it going.  But that’s far from true.  There’s always something to dish about.  And so many more people to do.

So as I plan my next trip down slut lane, I will leave you with this…


Be back soon with some legendary tales, and the rug-burns to show for it.


All Work and No Play

This makes me want to be a BGM member! And I would like to work where she works…

Bad Girl's Mafia

We don’t need Jack Nicholson’s crazy ass to remind us that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”  Monotony is unhealthy for all of us…Jacks, Janes, and everyone else in the daily grind.  Work is work and that’s that.  We have to do it.  It’s a matter of survival for most of us.

But how about breaking up the drudgery with a little play at work?

I am not advocating that you should go screw your boss.  Nor am I saying that you should be a homewrecker by shagging the new guy in shipping…you know, the one with the great package.  But I am saying…why not have some fun on the J-O-B?  Is there anyone there worth a second look?  Anyone who intrigues you?

I am on the brink of making a decision…and whether it’s good or bad is relative to the vantage point.  I will admit…

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Fist Full of Dollars, Mouth Full of…


I am going to live up to my title…

This is going to be quite tawdry.

During our time together, I helped Viktor embrace his inner Dom.  It wasn’t difficult to coax it out of him.  It was in there and he was very attuned to his natural traits.  He demanded respect.  He was disciplined.  In control of himself and his emotions.  And he possessed a charm that made you want to do exactly what he wanted you to do.  During a few of our trysts together, I had the pleasure of experiencing his hand on my backside, of being dominated and taken by him.

As time moved on, Viktor and I morphed into this incredible friendship where we could be completely transparent with each other.  I found myself in a D/s (actually M/s) relationship (and it’s still going strong) and he found himself searching for a submissive. As fate would have it, he found a young woman in her early 30’s looking for a Dominant.  It seemed a good match.  She was willing to learn and eager to please him in every way.  And he was a patient Dominant, willing to train her to his liking.  Her name was Nadia and life was going well for them.

Although obedient, Nadia had a very bratty side.  She wanted to please Viktor, but often put her own needs first.  She would follow his commands, as it suited her, but often did things her way.  He was very patient with her.  He held her on a long leash, but when he had enough, he yanked it back with incredible force.  And there was always punishment.

Viktor’s punishments were unique and relevant.  He would typically ensure the punishment fit the crime, teaching a lesson.  If Nadia was late, she would be lashed for each minute.  He soon realized she enjoyed the lashing, so he would completely ignore her for each minute she was late.  She hated it and found herself more punctual to avoid it.  Nadia had a very smart mouth and would often speak out of turn.  Viktor turned a blind eye to this behavior, because it was a facet of her personality that he enjoyed.  However, she often towed the line between acceptable and rude.

One Saturday afternoon they prepared to go to Sak’s on a shopping trip.  Viktor’s mother’s birthday was quickly approaching and he wanted to find her something nice. He invited Nadia to join him, as she could provide a second opinion.  She was thrilled to help, but her bratty side bubbled out and she said, “If I go, what do I get?  If I am helping you, I should get something pretty.”  At first, her demands didn’t phase him.  He was so focused on his mother’s gift, that he paid little mind to her antics.  They were supposed to leave at 1:00, go to Saks and have lunch, which would have put them back home around 4:00.  Viktor had a video conference with some clients in Europe at 5:00 and he wanted to get this finished early in the day to make time for the meeting.  Nadia was fully aware of his timeline.  And to be a brat, she decided to run back in the house for something as they were leaving.  Viktor waited patiently for the first five minutes, but then, he became angry.

She climbed into the car around 1:15.  And as she got in the car, she gave him a bratty little smile.  He knew she had done this intentionally.  He knew that she was acting out because she wanted the guarantee of “something pretty” from their excursion.  And as he rounded the corner out of his driveway, he reached down between his legs, unzipped his pants and looked at her.

“Since you are clearly misbehaving, I will need you to suck my cock for the entire drive.  But you are not allowed to make me cum until I say so.  Do you understand me, Nadia?”

Once again, she smiled a bratty smile and said, “Yes, Sir.  I can’t wait!”

She leaned over and began her task of pleasuring him as he drove to their destination.  She loved this punishment.  She loved the feel of his cock in her mouth.  She loved pleasuring him on the open road.  It made her feel like such a naughty girl.  She was lost in her place, when Viktor said, “I am glad to see you are enjoying this.  Maybe if you are a good girl, I will get you something pretty.  But you have to complete the task.”

She came up for air and said, “Oh I will complete the task, Sir.  No worries there.”

Viktor just grinned to himself.  She had no idea what was in store for her.

They arrived at Saks around 1:40.  Nadia’s face was still buried between his legs as he parked the car.  She continued for a few minutes and asked if it was time yet?  Viktor was beyond ready to unload, but had waited for this precise minute.

Pulling her up by her sweaty hair, he turned her face to his.

“Bratty slut.  Your mouth and lack of respect have earned you an applicable punishment.  I hope you learn from this.  I am about cum in your mouth.  You are not allowed to swallow.  You must walk around the store with me, with my load in your mouth, until I tell you to swallow.  If you can do this, I will buy you something.  If not, I guess you will learn to be more careful of when you open your mouth.”

Her face showed it all.  That’s quite a task for anyone.  Our natural instinct is to swallow what’s in our mouth…and she was not allowed to.  And she had to keep composure,as they were at a nice store, and she had cum in her mouth.

She lowered her head and began to suck him once again.  He was so turned on by this time, that he was ready to explode in her mouth.  Which he did.  And she held it there as the walked into the store.  She couldn’t even talk, because she would have to swallow.  And Viktor made it clear, she was not to spill any.

They found a lovely gift for his mother about 15 minutes into their visit.  Then Viktor decided to up the stakes.  “If you can hold me in your mouth for another 15 minutes, I will buy you a bracelet.  But you must not swallow.”  She nodded.

As they perused the store, he would walk up behind her and whisper in her ear, “You naughty little slut.  You like how I filled your mouth.  You like how it feels to be my cum slut don’t you.  You wanna feel it slide down your throat, so you can relive the moment don’t you, slut?  I own you.  You are mine.  Be a good girl.  Don’t swallow”

That talk made it excruciating for her continue on with her task.  She was so turned on my his words, that she swallowed by accident. She looked at him in shock, as he had watched her do it.  His eyes met hers and they just stared at each other.  It was affirmation of their   power exchange.  She knew her place.  He knew his place.  They knew who they were together.

And with that realization, he stroked her cheek, kissed her forehead and took her by the hand, leading her to the jewelry department.  “You won’t get anything today, but let’s look.  I know you will do better next time.”  She closed her eyes and smiled, knowing he was a man of his word.  She would do better and he would reward her.

That Viktor is quite a man.


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