Split in two

Pulled apart

Good and Bad

Light and Dark

It takes one

To make the other

As one is child

And one is mother

But which comes first

Tells the tale

Of which will win

And which will fail

Why choose just one

Of the two?

Why deny the whole

The entire you?

Why shroud one

While the other is free?

Why deny yourself

Such sweet duality?


(Photo from Pinterest)





    1. You should claim that quote…that’s brilliant! It’s funny to me how many years I spent trying to pigeonhole myself into a certain category…only to find that it’s okay to be all of those things. Coins have two sides…people are multifaceted!
      Thanks for your comments!

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      1. I can’t take credit for that quote.. I just complicated a simple quote I read somewhere (probably Facebook) “growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional”.. But thanks for thinking I am smart enough to have such novel wisdom.. Boy have I got you fooled.

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